Inducted into The Getty Research Institute!

I had one night to create this piece, at the last minute to get it into a book that is now held in the Archives of the Getty Research Institute. I am excited to know that this piece will be carried through history! The book features a collection of prolific graffiti artists from Los Angeles, including but not limited to a few of my very good friends: Craola, Pleck, Thanks and Axis. This is quite an honor and a really cool project I am proud to be a part of!

Symphony of Ascension

Symphony of Ascension

Here is more progress on the mural that Axis and I are working on. Stop by the alley behind the Body Electric tattoo shop on Melrose and Poinsettia to see the progress. There are two other walls in addition to the one shown here!

Mystixx Dolls

I designed and illustrated these dolls. They’re available at Toy’s R Us right now and soon to be in Target, Walmart, and a special edition doll exclusively at Hot Topic! I’m also directing a promo music video for them that will be out on Youtube around Halloween. I’m pretty excited about it!